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Crypto Investing 2.0

2017 was a windfall year for cryptocurrency investors. Some say trained monkeys could have made 13x on their money investing in ICOs. 2018 requires a smarter, data driven approach.


We aggressively hunt cryptocurrency returns applying the best of data science, due diligence methods, and hedging & diversification strategies.

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2017 ICO Figures

0 ICO Percentage ROI for 2017†
0 $USD Invested in ICOs in 2017*


The Case for the Fund

The cryptocurrency revolution is here and highly disruptive. The ICO Growth Fund, Limited Partnership is a venture capital hedge fund that backs high quality block-chain projects. Our Fund’s objective is to aggressively hunt returns applying the best of data science, due diligence methods, and hedging & diversification strategies. Not only are ICOs overtaking traditional VCs for early stage funding but 2017 ICOs had $4.596 billion in investment* and produced a 13.2x return†.

*In Q-3 of 2017 ICOs surpassed early stage VC funding (CNBC). PwC/Crypto Valley issued a report stating the ‘number of Initial coin offerings (ICOs) exploded in 2017 and investment amounts still grow exponentially.’ This report also indicates 2017 had $4.596 Billion in ICO volume (1.838 Billion in Oct. & Nov. ’17 alone).

†According to a report issued by Mangrove Capital Partners the “average performance of ICOs to date has been nothing short of outstanding. If one had blindly invested €10000 in every visible ICO, including the significant number of ICOs that failed, this would have delivered a +13.2x return”

For a closer look at ICO ROI there are a few sources to consult, such as:

  1. https://icostats.com/roi-since-ico
  2. https://icowatchlist.com/finished
  3. https://www.tokendata.io/

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